Interface MetadataSourceProcessor

    • Method Detail

      • prepare

        void prepare()
        A general preparation step. Called first.
      • processTypeDefinitions

        void processTypeDefinitions()
        Process all custom Type definitions. This step has no prerequisites.
      • processQueryRenames

        void processQueryRenames()
        Process all explicit query renames (imports). This step has no prerequisites.
      • processNamedQueries

        void processNamedQueries()
        Process all "root" named queries. These are named queries not defined on a specific entity (which will be handled later during processEntityHierarchies(java.util.Set<java.lang.String>)).

        This step has no prerequisites. The returns associated with named native queries can depend on entity binding being complete, but those are handled later during processResultSetMappings().

      • processAuxiliaryDatabaseObjectDefinitions

        void processAuxiliaryDatabaseObjectDefinitions()
        Process all AuxiliaryDatabaseObject definitions.

        This step has no prerequisites.

      • processIdentifierGenerators

        void processIdentifierGenerators()
        Process all custom identifier generator declarations,

        Depends on processTypeDefinitions()

      • processFilterDefinitions

        void processFilterDefinitions()
        Process all filter definitions.

        This step depends on processTypeDefinitions()

      • processFetchProfiles

        void processFetchProfiles()
        Process all fetch profiles.

        todo : does this step depend on any others??

      • prepareForEntityHierarchyProcessing

        void prepareForEntityHierarchyProcessing()
      • processEntityHierarchies

        void processEntityHierarchies​(Set<String> processedEntityNames)
      • postProcessEntityHierarchies

        void postProcessEntityHierarchies()
      • finishUp

        void finishUp()
        General finish up step. Called last.