Class ReferenceCacheEntryImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReferenceCacheEntryImpl

        public ReferenceCacheEntryImpl​(Object reference,
                                       EntityPersister subclassPersister)
        Constructs a ReferenceCacheEntryImpl
        reference - The reference entity instance
        subclassPersister - The specific subclass persister
    • Method Detail

      • getReference

        public Object getReference()
        Provides access to the stored reference.
        The stored reference
      • isReferenceEntry

        public boolean isReferenceEntry()
        Description copied from interface: CacheEntry
        Does this entry represent a direct entity reference (rather than disassembled state)?
        Specified by:
        isReferenceEntry in interface CacheEntry
      • getSubclass

        public String getSubclass()
        Description copied from interface: CacheEntry
        Hibernate stores all entries pertaining to a given entity hierarchy in a single region. This attribute tells us the specific entity type represented by the cached data.
        Specified by:
        getSubclass in interface CacheEntry
        The entry's exact entity type.
      • getVersion

        public Object getVersion()
        Description copied from interface: CacheEntry
        Retrieves the version (optimistic locking) associated with this cache entry.
        Specified by:
        getVersion in interface CacheEntry
        The version of the entity represented by this entry
      • getDisassembledState

        public Serializable[] getDisassembledState()
        Description copied from interface: CacheEntry
        Get the underlying disassembled state todo : this was added to support initializing an entity's EntityEntry snapshot during reattach; this should be refactored to instead expose a method to assemble an EntityEntry based on this state for return.
        Specified by:
        getDisassembledState in interface CacheEntry
        The disassembled state