Class SQLStateConversionDelegate

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    public class SQLStateConversionDelegate
    extends AbstractSQLExceptionConversionDelegate
    A SQLExceptionConverter implementation which performs conversion based on the underlying SQLState. Interpretation of a SQL error based on SQLState is not nearly as accurate as using the ErrorCode (which is, however, vendor-specific).

    SQLState codes are defined by both ANSI SQL specs and X/Open. Some "classes" are shared, others are specific to one or another, yet others are custom vendor classes. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a "blessed" list of X/Open codes. These codes are cobbled together between ANSI SQL spec and error code tables from few vendor's documentation.

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      • SQLStateConversionDelegate

        public SQLStateConversionDelegate​(ConversionContext conversionContext)
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      • convert

        public @Nullable JDBCException convert​(SQLException sqlException,
                                               String message,
                                               String sql)
        Description copied from interface: SQLExceptionConversionDelegate
        Convert the given SQLException to a subtype of JDBCException, if possible.
        sqlException - The SQLException to be converted
        message - An optional error message
        sql - The SQL statement that resulted in the exception
        The resulting JDBCException, or null if this delegate does not know how to interpret the given SQLException.