Interface AttributeContainer

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    Join, JoinedSubclass, PersistentClass, RootClass, SingleTableSubclass, Subclass, UnionSubclass

    public interface AttributeContainer
    Identifies a mapping model object which may have attributes (fields or properties). Abstracts over PersistentClass and Join.
    API Note:
    This model makes sense in hbm.xml mappings where a <property/> element may occur as a child of a <join/>. In annotations, and in orm.xml, a property cannot be said to itself belong to a secondary table, instead its columns are mapped to the table explicitly. In fact, the old hbm.xml model was more natural when it came to handling <column/> and especially <formula/> mappings in secondary tables. There was no need to repetitively write @Column(table="secondary"). Granted, it does sound strange to say that a Java property "belongs" to a secondary table.