Interface DiscriminatorMapping

    • Method Detail

      • getUnderlyingJdbcMapping

        JdbcMapping getUnderlyingJdbcMapping()
      • getDomainJavaType

        default JavaType<?> getDomainJavaType()
        The domain Java form, which is either JavaType<Class> (entity class) or JavaType<String> (entity name).
      • getRelationalJavaType

        default JavaType<?> getRelationalJavaType()
        The relational Java form. This will typically be some form of integer or character value.
      • resolveSqlExpression

        Expression resolveSqlExpression​(NavigablePath navigablePath,
                                        JdbcMapping jdbcMappingToUse,
                                        TableGroup tableGroup,
                                        SqlAstCreationState creationState)
        Create the appropriate SQL expression for this discriminator
        jdbcMappingToUse - The JDBC mapping to use. This allows opting between the "domain result type" (aka Class) and the "underlying type" (Integer, String, etc)