Class OrderByFragmentTranslator

  • public class OrderByFragmentTranslator
    extends Object
    Responsible for performing the translation of the order-by fragment associated with an order set or map.
    See Also:
    OrderBy, OrderBy
    • Constructor Detail

      • OrderByFragmentTranslator

        public OrderByFragmentTranslator()
    • Method Detail

      • translate

        public static OrderByFragment translate​(String fragment,
                                                PluralAttributeMapping pluralAttributeMapping,
                                                TranslationContext context)
        Perform the translation of the user-supplied fragment, returning the translation.
        The translation.
        API Note:
        The important distinction to this split between (1) translating and (2) resolving aliases is that both happen at different times. This is performed at boot-time while building the CollectionPersister happens at runtime while loading the described collection