Class ArgumentTypesValidator

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    public class ArgumentTypesValidator
    extends Object
    implements ArgumentsValidator
    Typechecks the arguments of HQL functions based on the assigned JDBC types.
    API Note:
    Originally, the main purpose for doing this was that we wanted to be able to check named queries at startup or build time, and we wanted to be able to check all queries in the IDE. But since Hibernate 6 it's of more general importance.
    Implementation Note:
    Access to the MappingMetamodel is very problematic here, since we are sometimes called in a context where we have not built a SessionFactoryImpl, and therefore we have no persisters.
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      • validate

        public void validate​(List<? extends SqmTypedNode<?>> arguments,
                             String functionName,
                             TypeConfiguration typeConfiguration)
        We do an initial validation phase with just the SQM tree, even though we don't have all typing information available here (in particular, we don't have the final JDBC type codes for things with converters) because this is the phase that is run at startup for named queries, and can be done in an IDE.
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        validate in interface ArgumentsValidator
      • validateSqlTypes

        public void validateSqlTypes​(List<? extends SqlAstNode> arguments,
                                     String functionName)
        This is the final validation phase with the fully-typed SQL nodes. Note that these checks are much less useful, occurring "too late", right before we execute the query and get an error from the database. However, they help in the sense of (a) resulting in more consistent/understandable error messages, and (b) protecting the user from writing queries that depend on generally-unportable implicit type conversions happening at the database level. (Implicit type conversions between numeric types are portable, and are not prohibited here.)
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        validateSqlTypes in interface ArgumentsValidator