Class SpatialFunctionContributor

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      • SpatialFunctionContributor

        public SpatialFunctionContributor()
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      • ordinal

        public int ordinal()
        Description copied from interface: FunctionContributor
        Determines order in which the contributions will be applied (lowest ordinal first).

        The range 0-500 is reserved for Hibernate, range 500-1000 for libraries and 1000-Integer.MAX_VALUE for user-defined FunctionContributors.

        Contributions from higher precedence contributors (higher numbers) effectively override contributions from lower precedence. E.g. if a contributor with precedence 1000 contributes a function named "max", that will override Hibernate's standard function of that name.

        Specified by:
        ordinal in interface FunctionContributor
        the ordinal for this FunctionContributor