Class DerivedTableReference

    • Method Detail

      • getTableId

        public String getTableId()
        Description copied from interface: TableReference
        An identifier for the table reference. May be null if this is not a named table reference.
      • getColumnNames

        public List<String> getColumnNames()
      • isLateral

        public boolean isLateral()
      • getTableReference

        public TableReference getTableReference​(NavigablePath navigablePath,
                                                String tableExpression,
                                                boolean resolve)
        Description copied from interface: ColumnReferenceQualifier
        Returns the table reference for the table expression, or null if not found.
        navigablePath - The path for which to look up the table reference, may be null
        tableExpression - The table expression for which to look up the table reference
        resolve - Whether to potentially create table reference joins for this table group