Interface RootTableGroupProducer

    • Method Detail

      • createRootTableGroup

        TableGroup createRootTableGroup​(boolean canUseInnerJoins,
                                        NavigablePath navigablePath,
                                        String explicitSourceAlias,
                                        SqlAliasBase explicitSqlAliasBase,
                                        Supplier<Consumer<Predicate>> additionalPredicateCollectorAccess,
                                        SqlAstCreationState creationState)
        Create a root TableGroup as defined by this producer
        canUseInnerJoins - Whether inner joins can be used when creating table-references within this group
        navigablePath - The overall NavigablePath for the root
        explicitSourceAlias - The alias, if one, explicitly provided by the application for this root
        explicitSqlAliasBase - A specific SqlAliasBase to use. May be null indicating one should be created using the SqlAliasBaseGenerator from creationState
        additionalPredicateCollectorAccess - Collector for additional predicates associated with this producer
        creationState - The creation state