Interface MutationOperationGroup

    • Method Detail

      • getMutationType

        MutationType getMutationType()
        The type of mutation (at the model-level) represented by this group.
      • getMutationTarget

        MutationTarget getMutationTarget()
        The model-part being mutated
      • getNumberOfOperations

        int getNumberOfOperations()
        Number of operations in this group
      • getSingleOperation

        MutationOperation getSingleOperation()
        Get the singular operation, assuming there is just one. Throws an exception if there are more than one.
      • getOperation

        MutationOperation getOperation​(int idx)
        Gets a specific MutationOperation from the group
        idx - the index, starting from zero.
      • asEntityMutationOperationGroup

        default EntityMutationOperationGroup asEntityMutationOperationGroup()
        Attempt to cast to the frequently uses subtype EntityMutationOperationGroup; returns null if this is not possible.
      • forEachOperation

        default <O extends MutationOperation> void forEachOperation​(BiConsumer<Integer,​O> action)
        Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
        Will be removed. Use the other methods to visit each operation.