Interface PreparableMutationOperation

    • Method Detail

      • getSqlString

        String getSqlString()
        The SQL to be used when creating the PreparedStatement
      • getParameterBinders

        List<JdbcParameterBinder> getParameterBinders()
        Get the list of parameter binders for the generated PreparedStatement
      • isCallable

        boolean isCallable()
        Whether the operation is callable
      • getExpectation

        Expectation getExpectation()
        The expected outcome of execution
      • canBeBatched

        default boolean canBeBatched​(BatchKey batchKey,
                                     int batchSize)
        Series of opt-out checks for whether the operation can be handled as part of a batch.
        Implementation Note:
        This does not account for whether batching is enabled or not on the factory, just whether we can potentially batch it relative to the operation itself