Interface DomainModelDescriptor

    • Method Detail

      • getAnnotatedClasses

        Class[] getAnnotatedClasses()
      • applyDomainModel

        void applyDomainModel​(MetadataSources sources)
        Apply the model classes to the given MetadataSources
      • getNamespace

        default String getNamespace()
        The namespace to apply the model to. This is interpreted as a catalog name or a schema name depending on the capability of the underlying database via Dialect. Would require a new Dialect method I think, though we could also leverage the driver's db-metadata to ascertain which interpretation to use which would not need any (more) test-specific Dialect feature. Note however that this might be a useful feature as well for users instead of JPA's Table.catalog() / Table.schema(). AKA, something like `@org.hibernate.annotations.Namespace("a_name")` or `@org.hibernate.annotations.Table( namespace="a_name", ... )`. This may be null indicating that the default namespace should be used. Note that domain models can use the same namespace so long as they do not share db-object (tables, etc) names
      • getMappingFeaturesUsed

        default EnumSet<MappingFeature> getMappingFeaturesUsed()
        Identifies the specific mapping features this domain model uses.