Package org.hibernate

Interface CustomEntityDirtinessStrategy.AttributeInformation

    • Method Detail

      • getContainingPersister

        EntityPersister getContainingPersister()
        Get a reference to the persister for the entity containing this attribute.
        The entity persister.
      • getAttributeIndex

        int getAttributeIndex()
        Many of Hibernate internals use arrays to define information about attributes. This value provides this index into those arrays for this particular attribute.

        It can be useful if needing to leverage those Hibernate internals.

        The attribute index.
      • getName

        String getName()
        Get the name of this attribute.
        The attribute name
      • getType

        Type getType()
        Get the mapping type of this attribute.
        The mapping type.
      • getCurrentValue

        Object getCurrentValue()
        Get the current value of this attribute.
        The attributes current value
      • getLoadedValue

        Object getLoadedValue()
        Get the loaded value of this attribute.

        NOTE : A call to this method may require hitting the database in cases where the loaded state is not known. In those cases the db hit is incurred only once per entity, not for each attribute.

        The attributes loaded value