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Class PropertyAccessException

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    public class PropertyAccessException
    extends HibernateException
    A problem occurred accessing a property of an instance of a persistent class by reflection, or via enhanced entities. There are a number of possible underlying causes, including:
    • failure of a security check,
    • an exception occurring inside the getter or setter method,
    • a nullable database column was mapped to a primitive-type property, or
    • the Hibernate type was not castable to the property type (or vice-versa)
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      • PropertyAccessException

        public PropertyAccessException​(@Nullable Throwable cause,
                                       String message,
                                       boolean wasSetter,
                                       Class<?> persistentClass,
                                       String propertyName)
        Constructs a PropertyAccessException using the specified information.
        cause - The underlying cause
        message - A message explaining the exception condition
        wasSetter - Was the attempting to access the setter the cause of the exception?
        persistentClass - The class which is supposed to contain the property in question
        propertyName - The name of the property.
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        public Class<?> getPersistentClass()
      • getPropertyName

        public String getPropertyName()
      • originalMessage

        protected String originalMessage()