Package org.hibernate.boot.registry

Defines service registry contracts a program may use for configuring Hibernate.

Service registries are hierarchical. That is, a child registry may "hide" or "override" services from its parent registries. This allows for granular construction of registries as services become available.

  1. BootstrapServiceRegistry is the base service registry, and may be constructed via BootstrapServiceRegistryBuilder if customization is needed. For non-customized usage, these APIs may be bypassed completely.

  2. The next level in a standard registry setup is the StandardServiceRegistry, which may be constructed using StandardServiceRegistryBuilder if customization is needed. The builder optionally accepts s BootstrapServiceRegistry to use as a base. If none is provided, a default instance is produced, assuming sensible defaults in Java SE and EE environments, particularly with respect to classloading.