Class PropertyAuditingData

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    public class PropertyAuditingData
    extends Object
    The boot-time representation of an audited property.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PropertyAuditingData

        public PropertyAuditingData()
      • PropertyAuditingData

        public PropertyAuditingData​(String name,
                                    String accessType,
                                    boolean forceInsertable)
        Create a property with the default RelationTargetAuditMode mode of AUDITED.
        name - the property name
        accessType - the access type
        forceInsertable - whether the property is forced insertable
      • PropertyAuditingData

        public PropertyAuditingData​(String name,
                                    String accessType,
                                    RelationTargetNotFoundAction relationTargetNotFoundAction,
                                    boolean forceInsertable,
                                    boolean synthetic,
                                    Value value)
        Create a property with the default RelationTargetAuditMode mode of AUDITED.
        name - the property name
        accessType - the access type
        relationTargetNotFoundAction - the relation target not found action
        forceInsertable - whether the property is forced insertable
        synthetic - whether the property is a synthetic, non-logic column-based property
        value - the mapping model's value
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • getBeanName

        public String getBeanName()
      • setBeanName

        public void setBeanName​(String beanName)
      • getMapKey

        public String getMapKey()
      • setMapKey

        public void setMapKey​(String mapKey)
      • getMapKeyEnumType

        public EnumType getMapKeyEnumType()
      • setMapKeyEnumType

        public void setMapKeyEnumType​(EnumType mapKeyEnumType)
      • getAccessType

        public String getAccessType()
      • setAccessType

        public void setAccessType​(String accessType)
      • getAuditMappedBy

        public String getAuditMappedBy()
      • hasAuditedMappedBy

        public boolean hasAuditedMappedBy()
      • setAuditMappedBy

        public void setAuditMappedBy​(String auditMappedBy)
      • getRelationMappedBy

        public String getRelationMappedBy()
      • hasRelationMappedBy

        public boolean hasRelationMappedBy()
      • setRelationMappedBy

        public void setRelationMappedBy​(String relationMappedBy)
      • getPositionMappedBy

        public String getPositionMappedBy()
      • setPositionMappedBy

        public void setPositionMappedBy​(String positionMappedBy)
      • isForceInsertable

        public boolean isForceInsertable()
      • setForceInsertable

        public void setForceInsertable​(boolean forceInsertable)
      • isUsingModifiedFlag

        public boolean isUsingModifiedFlag()
      • setUsingModifiedFlag

        public void setUsingModifiedFlag​(boolean usingModifiedFlag)
      • getModifiedFlagName

        public String getModifiedFlagName()
      • setModifiedFlagName

        public void setModifiedFlagName​(String modifiedFlagName)
      • isModifiedFlagNameExplicitlySpecified

        public boolean isModifiedFlagNameExplicitlySpecified()
      • getExplicitModifiedFlagName

        public String getExplicitModifiedFlagName()
      • setExplicitModifiedFlagName

        public void setExplicitModifiedFlagName​(String modifiedFlagName)
      • addAuditingOverride

        public void addAuditingOverride​(AuditOverride annotation)
      • addAuditingOverrides

        public void addAuditingOverrides​(AuditOverrides annotationOverrides)
      • getRelationTargetAuditMode

        public RelationTargetAuditMode getRelationTargetAuditMode()
        Get the relationTargetAuditMode property.
        the relationTargetAuditMode property value
      • setRelationTargetAuditMode

        public void setRelationTargetAuditMode​(RelationTargetAuditMode relationTargetAuditMode)
        Set the relationTargetAuditMode property value.
        relationTargetAuditMode - the relationTargetAuditMode to set
      • setRelationTargetNotFoundAction

        public void setRelationTargetNotFoundAction​(RelationTargetNotFoundAction relationTargetNotFoundAction)
      • isSynthetic

        public boolean isSynthetic()
      • getValue

        public Value getValue()
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(Value value)
      • getPropertyType

        public Type getPropertyType()
      • setPropertyType

        public void setPropertyType​(Type propertyType)
      • setPropertyAccessStrategy

        public void setPropertyAccessStrategy​(PropertyAccessStrategy propertyAccessStrategy)
      • getVirtualPropertyType

        public Type getVirtualPropertyType()
      • setVirtualPropertyType

        public void setVirtualPropertyType​(Type virtualPropertyType)
      • setCollectionAuditTable

        public void setCollectionAuditTable​(CollectionAuditTable collectionAuditTable)
      • resolvePropertyData

        public PropertyData resolvePropertyData()