Class GeneratedGeneration

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      • GeneratedGeneration

        public GeneratedGeneration​(GenerationTime event)
      • GeneratedGeneration

        public GeneratedGeneration​(Generated annotation)
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      • referenceColumnsInSql

        public boolean referenceColumnsInSql​(Dialect dialect)
        Description copied from interface: OnExecutionGenerator
        Determines if the columns whose values are generated are included in the column list of the SQL insert or update statement. For example, this method should return:
        Specified by:
        referenceColumnsInSql in interface OnExecutionGenerator
        true if the column is included in the column list of the SQL statement.
      • getReferencedColumnValues

        public String[] getReferencedColumnValues​(Dialect dialect)
        Description copied from interface: OnExecutionGenerator
        A SQL expression indicating how to calculate the generated values when the mapped columns are included in the SQL statement. The SQL expressions might be:
        • function calls like current_timestamp or nextval('mysequence'), or
        • syntactic markers like default.
        Specified by:
        getReferencedColumnValues in interface OnExecutionGenerator
        dialect - The SQL dialect, allowing generation of an expression in dialect-specific SQL.
        The column value to be used in the generated SQL statement.