Class OptimizerFactory

  • public class OptimizerFactory
    extends Object
    Factory for Optimizer instances.
    • Method Detail

      • isPooledOptimizer

        public static boolean isPooledOptimizer​(String optimizerName)
        No longer used
        Does the given optimizer name represent a pooled strategy?
        optimizerName - The name of the optimizer
        true indicates the optimizer is a pooled strategy.
      • buildOptimizer

        public static Optimizer buildOptimizer​(OptimizerDescriptor type,
                                               Class<?> returnClass,
                                               int incrementSize,
                                               long explicitInitialValue)
        Builds an optimizer
        type - The optimizer type, either a shorthand name or the Optimizer class name.
        returnClass - The generated value java type
        incrementSize - The increment size.
        explicitInitialValue - The user supplied initial-value (-1 indicates the user did not specify).
        The built optimizer
      • determineImplicitOptimizerName

        public static String determineImplicitOptimizerName​(int incrementSize,
                                                            Properties configSettings)
        Determine the optimizer to use when there was not one explicitly specified.