Interface SqmPathRegistry

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    public interface SqmPathRegistry
    Registry for SqmPath references providing the ability to access them in multiple ways - by alias, by NavigablePath, etc
    • Method Detail

      • register

        void register​(SqmPath<?> sqmPath)
        Register an SqmPath
      • registerByAliasOnly

        void registerByAliasOnly​(SqmFrom<?,​?> sqmFrom)
        Register an SqmFrom by alias only. Effectively, this makes the from node only resolvable via the alias, which means that the from node is ignored in findFromExposing(String).
      • replace

        <E> void replace​(SqmEntityJoin<E> sqmJoin,
                         SqmRoot<E> sqmRoot)
        Used with JPA compliance to treat secondary query roots as cross-joins. Here we will replace the sqmRoot with the sqmJoin
        API Note:
        Care should be taken when calling this method to ensure that nothing has used the previous registration between its registration and this call. Generally, most callers want register(SqmPath) instead.
      • findFromByAlias

        <X extends SqmFrom<?,​?>> X findFromByAlias​(String identificationVariable,
                                                         boolean searchParent)
        Find a SqmFrom by its identification variable (alias). If the SqmFrom is found in a parent context, the correlation for the path will be returned.
        matching SqmFrom or null
      • findFromByPath

        <X extends SqmFrom<?,​?>> X findFromByPath​(NavigablePath navigablePath)
        Find a SqmFrom by its NavigablePath. Will search any parent contexts as well
        matching SqmFrom or null
      • findFromExposing

        <X extends SqmFrom<?,​?>> X findFromExposing​(String navigableName)
        Find a SqmFrom which exposes a Navigable by the given name. Will search any parent contexts as well
        matching SqmFrom or null
      • register

        void register​(SqmAliasedNode<?> aliasedNode)
        Register a node aliased within the select-clause
      • findAliasedNodeByAlias

        SqmAliasedNode<?> findAliasedNodeByAlias​(String alias)
        Find a node (if one) by the explicit alias assigned to it within the select-clause
        The matching node, or null
      • findAliasedNodePosition

        Integer findAliasedNodePosition​(String alias)
        Find the position of a node with the given alias, relative to the underlying SQL select-list.
        The position, or null
      • findAliasedNodeByPosition

        SqmAliasedNode<?> findAliasedNodeByPosition​(int position)
        Find an SqmSelection by its position in the SqmSelectClause
        The matching node, or null