Interface DomainResultCreationState

    • Method Detail

      • forceIdentifierSelection

        default boolean forceIdentifierSelection()
        Whether forcing the selection of the identifier is in effect for this creation
      • getSqlAstCreationState

        SqlAstCreationState getSqlAstCreationState()
        The underlying state for SQL AST creation
      • getSqlAliasBaseManager

        default SqlAliasBaseManager getSqlAliasBaseManager()
        Access to the SQL alias helper
      • registerVisitedAssociationKey

        default boolean registerVisitedAssociationKey​(AssociationKey circularityKey)
        Registers a circularity detection key
      • removeVisitedAssociationKey

        default void removeVisitedAssociationKey​(AssociationKey circularityKey)
        Removes the registration of a circularity detection key
      • isAssociationKeyVisited

        default boolean isAssociationKeyVisited​(AssociationKey circularityKey)
        Checks whether the given circularityKey is registered
      • isRegisteringVisitedAssociationKeys

        default boolean isRegisteringVisitedAssociationKeys()
        Is this state accepting circularity detection keys?
      • resolveModelPart

        ModelPart resolveModelPart​(NavigablePath navigablePath)
        Resolve the ModelPart associated with a given NavigablePath. More specific ModelParts should be preferred - e.g. the SingularAssociationAttributeMapping rather than just the EntityTypeMapping for the associated type
      • visitFetches

        ImmutableFetchList visitFetches​(FetchParent fetchParent)
        Visit fetches for the given parent. We walk fetches via the SqlAstCreationContext because each "context" will define differently what should be fetched (HQL versus load)
      • isResolvingCircularFetch

        boolean isResolvingCircularFetch()
      • setResolvingCircularFetch

        void setResolvingCircularFetch​(boolean resolvingCircularFetch)
      • getCurrentlyResolvingForeignKeyPart

        ForeignKeyDescriptor.Nature getCurrentlyResolvingForeignKeyPart()
        Returns the part of the foreign key that is currently being resolved, or null if no foreign key is currently being resolved.
      • setCurrentlyResolvingForeignKeyPart

        void setCurrentlyResolvingForeignKeyPart​(ForeignKeyDescriptor.Nature currentlyResolvingForeignKeySide)