Interface SourceDescriptor

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    public interface SourceDescriptor
    Describes a source for schema create, drop and migrate actions.

    If getSourceType() indicates that a script should be a source, then getScriptSourceInput() identifies the script.

    The purpose here is also to allow other back-ends (OGM) by simply describing where to find sources rather than defining the sources themselves. The reason being that ultimately the Java type representing a "DDL command" might be different; e.g., String for JDBC.

    • Method Detail

      • getSourceType

        SourceType getSourceType()
        The indicated source type for this target type.
        The source type
      • getScriptSourceInput

        ScriptSourceInput getScriptSourceInput()
        If getSourceType() indicates scripts are involved, returns a representation of the script file to read. Otherwise, returns null.

        While it is ultimately up to the actual tooling provider, it is generally an error for getSourceType() to indicate that scripts are involved and for this method to return null.

        The script file to read.