Class EntityIdentityInsertAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • EntityIdentityInsertAction

        public EntityIdentityInsertAction​(Object[] state,
                                          Object instance,
                                          EntityPersister persister,
                                          boolean isVersionIncrementDisabled,
                                          EventSource session,
                                          boolean isDelayed)
        Constructs an EntityIdentityInsertAction
        state - The current (extracted) entity state
        instance - The entity instance
        persister - The entity persister
        isVersionIncrementDisabled - Whether version incrementing is disabled
        session - The session
        isDelayed - Are we in a situation which allows the insertion to be delayed?
        HibernateException - Indicates an illegal state
    • Method Detail

      • doAfterTransactionCompletion

        public void doAfterTransactionCompletion​(boolean success,
                                                 SharedSessionContractImplementor session)
        Description copied from interface: AfterTransactionCompletionProcess
        Perform whatever processing is encapsulated here after completion of the transaction.
        success - Did the transaction complete successfully? True means it did.
        session - The session on which the transaction is completing.
      • postInsert

        protected void postInsert()
      • postCommitInsert

        protected void postCommitInsert​(boolean success)
      • preInsert

        protected boolean preInsert()
      • getGeneratedId

        public final Object getGeneratedId()
        Access to the generated identifier
        The generated identifier
      • setGeneratedId

        protected void setGeneratedId​(Object generatedId)
      • isEarlyInsert

        public boolean isEarlyInsert()
        Description copied from class: AbstractEntityInsertAction
        Does this insert action need to be executed as soon as possible (e.g., to generate an ID)?
        Specified by:
        isEarlyInsert in class AbstractEntityInsertAction
        true, if it needs to be executed as soon as possible; false, otherwise.
      • setEntityKey

        protected void setEntityKey​(EntityKey entityKey)
      • generateDelayedEntityKey

        protected EntityKey generateDelayedEntityKey()