Interface AdditionalMappingContributions

  • @Incubating
    public interface AdditionalMappingContributions
    Collector for contributions from contributors
    • Method Detail

      • contributeEntity

        void contributeEntity​(Class<?> entityType)
        Contribute a presumably annotated entity class.
      • contributeBinding

        void contributeBinding​(InputStream xmlStream)
        Contribute mappings from the InputStream containing an XML mapping document.
      • contributeBinding

        void contributeBinding​(JaxbHbmHibernateMapping hbmJaxbBinding)
        hbm.xml mapping file support is deprecated. Use extended orm.xml bindings instead.
        Contribute mappings in the form of hbm.xml JAXB bindings.
      • contributeBinding

        void contributeBinding​(JaxbEntityMappings mappingJaxbBinding)
        Contribute mappings in the form of (extended) orm.xml JAXB bindings
      • contributeTable

        void contributeTable​(Table table)
        Contribute a materialized Table
      • contributeSequence

        void contributeSequence​(Sequence sequence)
        Contribute a materialized Sequence
      • contributeAuxiliaryDatabaseObject

        void contributeAuxiliaryDatabaseObject​(AuxiliaryDatabaseObject auxiliaryDatabaseObject)
        Contribute a materialized AuxiliaryDatabaseObject