Interface ManagedBeanSettings

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        static final String JAKARTA_CDI_BEAN_MANAGER
        Used to pass a CDI BeanManager to Hibernate.

        According to the JPA specification, the BeanManager should be passed at boot time and be ready for immediate use at that time. But not all environments can do this (WildFly, for example). To accommodate such environments, Hibernate provides two options:

        1. A proprietary CDI extension SPI (which has been proposed to the CDI spec group as a standard option) which can be used to provide delayed BeanManager access: to use this solution, the reference passed as the BeanManager during bootstrap should be typed as ExtendedBeanManager.
        2. Delayed access to the BeanManager reference: here, Hibernate will not access the reference passed as the BeanManager during bootstrap until it is first needed. Note, however, that this has the effect of delaying the detection of any deployment problems until after bootstrapping.
        This setting is used to configure access to the BeanManager, either directly, or via ExtendedBeanManager.
        See Also:
        SessionFactoryBuilder.applyBeanManager(Object), Constant Field Values

        static final String DELAY_CDI_ACCESS
        Used in conjunction with "hibernate.resource.beans.container" when CDI is used.

        By default, to be JPA spec compliant, Hibernate should access the CDI BeanManager while bootstrapping the SessionFactory. In some cases however this can lead to a chicken/egg situation where the JPA provider immediately accesses the BeanManager when managed beans are awaiting JPA PU injection.

        This setting tells Hibernate to delay accessing until first use.

        This setting has the decided downside that bean config problems will not be done at deployment time, but will instead manifest at runtime. For this reason, the preferred means for supplying a CDI BeanManager is to provide an implementation of ExtendedBeanManager which gives Hibernate a callback when the BeanManager is ready for use.

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        Constant Field Values

        static final String ALLOW_EXTENSIONS_IN_CDI
        Controls whether Hibernate can try to create beans other than converters and listeners using CDI. Only meaningful when a CDI container is used.

        By default, Hibernate will only attempt to create converter and listener beans using CDI.

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