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    AbstractCurrentSessionContext, JTASessionContext, ManagedSessionContext, ThreadLocalSessionContext

    public interface CurrentSessionContext
    extends Serializable
    Defines the contract for objects which are able to manage the lifecycle of a Session associated with a well-defined "context" or "scope", providing the concrete implementation behind the notion of the current session.

    The lifecycle of the context/scope is not specified by Hibernate, and varies depending on the nature of the program. The only hard restriction is that the scope must be single-threaded. On the other hand, since state tends to build up in the first-level cache of session, sessions should typically not be associated with long-lived scopes.

    The most typical example of a scope with which a current session might be associated is the HTTP request context in a web application.

    An implementation of this interface must:

    • have a constructor accepting a single argument of type SessionFactoryImplementor,
    • be thread-safe,
    • be fully serializable,
    • guarantee that it destroys every session it creates, and
    • ensure that each session it creates is the exclusive property of a single thread, since sessions contain fragile mutable state and are never considered thread-safe.

    Every session factory has exactly one instance of this interface.

    An implementation may be selected by setting the configuration property "hibernate.current_session_context_class".

    See Also:
    SessionFactory.getCurrentSession(), AvailableSettings.CURRENT_SESSION_CONTEXT_CLASS
    • Method Detail

      • currentSession

        Session currentSession()
                        throws HibernateException
        Retrieve the current session according to the scoping defined by this implementation.
        The current session.
        HibernateException - Typically indicates an issue locating or creating the current session.