Class Configuration

  • public class Configuration
    extends Object
    Envers configuration.
    • Method Detail

      • isGenerateRevisionsForCollections

        public boolean isGenerateRevisionsForCollections()
      • isDoNotAuditOptimisticLockingField

        public boolean isDoNotAuditOptimisticLockingField()
      • isStoreDataAtDelete

        public boolean isStoreDataAtDelete()
      • isTrackEntitiesChanged

        public boolean isTrackEntitiesChanged()
      • setTrackEntitiesChanged

        public void setTrackEntitiesChanged​(boolean trackEntitiesChanged)
      • hasSettingForUseModifiedFlag

        public boolean hasSettingForUseModifiedFlag()
      • isModifiedFlagsEnabled

        public boolean isModifiedFlagsEnabled()
      • isNativeIdEnabled

        public boolean isNativeIdEnabled()
      • isCascadeDeleteRevision

        public boolean isCascadeDeleteRevision()
      • isAllowIdentifierReuse

        public boolean isAllowIdentifierReuse()
      • isFindByRevisionExactMatch

        public boolean isFindByRevisionExactMatch()
      • isGlobalLegacyRelationTargetNotFound

        public boolean isGlobalLegacyRelationTargetNotFound()
      • isRevisionEndTimestampEnabled

        public boolean isRevisionEndTimestampEnabled()
      • isRevisionEndTimestampNumeric

        public boolean isRevisionEndTimestampNumeric()
      • isRevisionEndTimestampUseLegacyPlacement

        public boolean isRevisionEndTimestampUseLegacyPlacement()
      • isRevisionSequenceNoCache

        public boolean isRevisionSequenceNoCache()
      • getDefaultCatalogName

        public String getDefaultCatalogName()
      • getDefaultSchemaName

        public String getDefaultSchemaName()
      • getCorrelatedSubqueryOperator

        public String getCorrelatedSubqueryOperator()
      • getModifiedFlagsSuffix

        public String getModifiedFlagsSuffix()
      • getOriginalIdPropertyName

        public String getOriginalIdPropertyName()
      • getRevisionFieldName

        public String getRevisionFieldName()
      • getRevisionEndTimestampFieldName

        public String getRevisionEndTimestampFieldName()
      • getRevisionEndFieldName

        public String getRevisionEndFieldName()
      • getRevisionNumberPath

        public String getRevisionNumberPath()
      • getRevisionPropertyPath

        public String getRevisionPropertyPath​(String propertyName)
        todo: move this Get the revision property path.
        propertyName - the property name within the revision entity
        path to the given property of the revision entity associated with the audited entity
      • getRevisionTypePropertyName

        public String getRevisionTypePropertyName()
      • getRevisionTypePropertyType

        public String getRevisionTypePropertyType()
      • getAuditEntityName

        public String getAuditEntityName​(String entityName)
        todo: move this Get the audit enttiy name.
        entityName - the entity name
        the prefixed and suffixed audit entity name based on configuration
      • addCustomAuditTableName

        public void addCustomAuditTableName​(String entityName,
                                            String tableName)
      • getAuditTableName

        public String getAuditTableName​(String entityName,
                                        String tableName)
        Gets the audit table name by looking up the entity in the defined custom tables and if not found returns a prefixed, suffixed audit table name. In the latter case, the name is not registered.
        entityName - the entity name
        tableName - the table name
        the audit table name either from the custom defined tables or prefixed/suffixed inline
      • getAuditStrategyName

        public String getAuditStrategyName()
      • getEmbeddableSetOrdinalPropertyName

        public String getEmbeddableSetOrdinalPropertyName()
      • getEnversService

        public EnversService getEnversService()
        Returns a reference to the EnversService. This method is not recommended and discouraged, will be removed in a future release.
        the envers service