Class ClassesAuditingData

  • public class ClassesAuditingData
    extends Object
    A helper class holding auditing meta-data for all persistent classes during boot-time.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClassesAuditingData

        public ClassesAuditingData()
    • Method Detail

      • addClassAuditingData

        public void addClassAuditingData​(ClassAuditingData cad)
        Stores information about auditing meta-data for the given class.
        cad - Auditing meta-data for the given class.
      • getAllClassAuditedData

        public Collection<ClassAuditingData> getAllClassAuditedData()
        A collection of all auditing meta-data for persistent classes.
      • updateCalculatedFields

        public void updateCalculatedFields()
        After all meta-data is read, updates calculated fields. This includes:
        • setting forceInsertable to true for properties specified by @AuditMappedBy
        • adding synthetic properties to mappedBy relations which have IndexColumn or OrderColumn.