Class EntityInstantiator

  • public class EntityInstantiator
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • createInstanceFromVersionsEntity

        public Object createInstanceFromVersionsEntity​(String entityName,
                                                       Map versionsEntity,
                                                       Number revision)
        Creates an entity instance based on an entry from the versions table.
        entityName - Name of the entity, which instances should be read
        versionsEntity - An entry in the versions table, from which data should be mapped.
        revision - Revision at which this entity was read.
        An entity instance, with versioned properties set as in the versionsEntity map, and proxies created for collections.
      • addInstancesFromVersionsEntities

        public void addInstancesFromVersionsEntities​(String entityName,
                                                     Collection addTo,
                                                     List<Map> versionsEntities,
                                                     Number revision)