Class CriteriaTools

  • public abstract class CriteriaTools
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • CriteriaTools

        public CriteriaTools()
    • Method Detail

      • determinePropertyName

        public static String determinePropertyName​(EnversService enversService,
                                                   AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader,
                                                   String entityName,
                                                   String propertyName)
        enversService - The EnversService
        versionsReader - Versions reader.
        entityName - Original entity name (not audited).
        propertyName - Property name or placeholder.
        Path to property. Handles identifier placeholder used by AuditId.
      • determineComponentPropertyPrefix

        public static String determineComponentPropertyPrefix​(EnversService enversService,
                                                              Map<String,​String> aliasToEntityNameMap,
                                                              Map<String,​String> aliasToComponentPropertyNameMap,
                                                              String alias)
        enversService - The EnversService
        aliasToEntityNameMap - the map from aliases to entity names
        aliasToComponentPropertyNameMap - the map from aliases to component property name, if an alias is for a component
        alias - the alias
        The prefix that has to be used when referring to a property of a component. If no prefix is required or the alias is not a component, the empty string is returned (but never null)