Interface CallbackRegistry

  • public interface CallbackRegistry
    Registry of Callbacks by entity and type
    • Method Detail

      • hasRegisteredCallbacks

        boolean hasRegisteredCallbacks​(Class<?> entityClass,
                                       CallbackType callbackType)
        Do we have any registered callbacks of the given type for the given entity?
        entityClass - The entity Class to check against
        callbackType - The type of callback to look for
        true indicates there are already registered callbacks of that type for that class; false indicates there are not.
      • preCreate

        void preCreate​(Object entity)
      • postCreate

        void postCreate​(Object entity)
      • preUpdate

        boolean preUpdate​(Object entity)
      • postUpdate

        void postUpdate​(Object entity)
      • preRemove

        void preRemove​(Object entity)
      • postRemove

        void postRemove​(Object entity)
      • postLoad

        boolean postLoad​(Object entity)
      • release

        void release()
        Signals that the CallbackRegistry will no longer be used. In particular, it is important to release references to class types to avoid classloader leaks.