Interface NaturalIdMapping

    • Method Detail

      • isMutable

        boolean isMutable()
        Whether the natural-id is immutable. This is the same as saying that none of the attributes are mutable
      • getPartName

        default String getPartName()
        Description copied from interface: ModelPart
        The local part name, which is generally the unqualified role name
        Specified by:
        getPartName in interface ModelPart
      • getCacheAccess

        NaturalIdDataAccess getCacheAccess()
        Access to the natural-id's L2 cache access. Returns null if the natural-id is not configured for caching
      • extractNaturalIdFromEntityState

        Object extractNaturalIdFromEntityState​(Object[] state)
        Given an array of "full entity state", extract the normalized natural id representation
        state - The attribute state array
        The extracted natural id values. This is a normalized
      • extractNaturalIdFromEntity

        Object extractNaturalIdFromEntity​(Object entity)
        Given an entity instance, extract the normalized natural id representation
        entity - The entity instance
        The extracted natural id values
      • normalizeInput

        Object normalizeInput​(Object incoming)
        Normalize a user-provided natural-id value into the representation Hibernate uses internally
        incoming - The user-supplied value
        The normalized, internal representation
      • validateInternalForm

        void validateInternalForm​(Object naturalIdValue)
        Validates a natural id value(s) for the described natural-id based on the expected internal representation
      • calculateHashCode

        int calculateHashCode​(Object value)
        Calculate the hash-code of a natural-id value
        value - The natural-id value
        The hash-code