Interface LogicalConnectionImplementor

    • Method Detail

      • getPhysicalConnection

        Connection getPhysicalConnection()
        Exposes access to the "real" Connection.
        The connection
      • beforeTransactionCompletion

        void beforeTransactionCompletion()
        Notification indicating a transaction is about to be completed, to trigger release of the JDBC connection if needed, that is, if ConnectionReleaseMode.BEFORE_TRANSACTION_COMPLETION is enabled.
      • manualDisconnect

        Connection manualDisconnect()
        Manually disconnect the underlying JDBC Connection. The assumption here is that the manager will be reconnected at a later point in time.
        The connection maintained here at time of disconnect. null if there was no connection cached internally.
      • manualReconnect

        void manualReconnect​(Connection suppliedConnection)
        Manually reconnect the underlying JDBC Connection. Should be called at some point after manualDisconnect().
        suppliedConnection - For user supplied connection strategy the user needs to hand us the connection with which to reconnect. It is an error to pass a connection in the other strategies.
      • getPhysicalJdbcTransaction

        PhysicalJdbcTransaction getPhysicalJdbcTransaction()
        Access to the current underlying JDBC transaction.