Class JtaIsolationDelegate

    • Constructor Detail

      • JtaIsolationDelegate

        public JtaIsolationDelegate​(JdbcConnectionAccess connectionAccess,
                                    SqlExceptionHelper sqlExceptionHelper,
                                    jakarta.transaction.TransactionManager transactionManager)
    • Method Detail

      • delegateCallable

        public <T> T delegateCallable​(Callable<T> callable,
                                      boolean transacted)
                               throws HibernateException
        Description copied from interface: IsolationDelegate
        Invoke the given callable in isolation from current transaction.
        Specified by:
        delegateCallable in interface IsolationDelegate
        callable - The callable to be invoked.
        transacted - Should the work itself be done in a (isolated) transaction?
        The work result
        HibernateException - Indicates a problem performing the work.