Class BatchInitializeEntitySelectFetchInitializer

    • Method Detail

      • resolveInstance

        public void resolveInstance​(RowProcessingState rowProcessingState)
        Description copied from interface: Initializer
        Step 2 - Using the key resolved in Initializer.resolveKey(org.hibernate.sql.results.jdbc.spi.RowProcessingState), resolve the instance (of the thing initialized) to use for the current row. After this point, the initializer knows the entity/collection/component instance for the current row based on the resolved key todo (6.0) : much of the various implementations of this are similar enough to handle in a common base implementation (templating?) things like resolving as managed (Session cache), from second-level cache, from LoadContext, etc..
      • isEntityInitialized

        public boolean isEntityInitialized()
        true if the current entity associated to this EntityInitializer has been initialized
      • endLoading

        public void endLoading​(ExecutionContext context)
        Description copied from interface: Initializer
        Lifecycle method called at the very end of the result values processing