Class ConnectionProviderBuilder

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    public class ConnectionProviderBuilder
    extends Object
    implements DialectCheck
    Defines the JDBC connection information (currently H2) used by Hibernate for unit (not functional!) tests
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConnectionProviderBuilder

        public ConnectionProviderBuilder()
    • Method Detail

      • getConnectionProviderProperties

        public static Properties getConnectionProviderProperties​(String dbName)
      • getJpaConnectionProviderProperties

        public static Properties getJpaConnectionProviderProperties​(String dbName)
      • getConnectionProviderProperties

        public static Properties getConnectionProviderProperties()
      • getJpaConnectionProviderProperties

        public static Properties getJpaConnectionProviderProperties()
      • buildDataSourceConnectionProvider

        public static ConnectionProvider buildDataSourceConnectionProvider​(String dbName)
      • buildConnectionProvider

        public static ConnectionProvider buildConnectionProvider​(boolean allowAggressiveRelease)
      • getCorrespondingDialect

        public static Dialect getCorrespondingDialect()
      • isMatch

        public boolean isMatch​(Dialect dialect)
        Description copied from interface: DialectCheck
        Does the given dialect match the defined check?
        Specified by:
        isMatch in interface DialectCheck
        dialect - The dialect against which to check
        true if it matches; false otherwise.