Interface AssociationType

    • Method Detail

      • getForeignKeyDirection

        ForeignKeyDirection getForeignKeyDirection()
        Get the foreign key directionality of this association
      • useLHSPrimaryKey

        boolean useLHSPrimaryKey()
        Is the primary key of the owning entity table to be used in the join?
      • getLHSPropertyName

        String getLHSPropertyName()
        Get the name of a property in the owning entity that provides the join key (null if the identifier)
      • getRHSUniqueKeyPropertyName

        String getRHSUniqueKeyPropertyName()
        The name of a unique property of the associated entity that provides the join key (null if the identifier of an entity, or key of a collection)
      • isAlwaysDirtyChecked

        boolean isAlwaysDirtyChecked()
        Do we dirty check this association, even when there are no columns to be updated?