Interface SearchIntegrationFinalizer

  • public interface SearchIntegrationFinalizer
    • Method Detail

      • finalizeMapping

        <PBM,​M> M finalizeMapping​(MappingKey<PBM,​M> mappingKey,
                                        MappingFinalizer<PBM,​M> finalizer)
        Finalize the building of a mapping.
        Type Parameters:
        PBM - The type of the partially-built mapping.
        M - The type of the fully-built mapping.
        mappingKey - The mapping key allowing to retrieve the pre-built mapping.
        finalizer - The object responsible for turning a pre-built mapping into a fully-built mapping (it may hold some additional context).
        The fully-built mapping.
      • finalizeIntegration

        SearchIntegration finalizeIntegration()
        Finalize the building of the integration.
        The fully-built integration.