Interface PojoAdditionalMetadataCollectorTypeNode

    • Method Detail

      • typeIdentifier

        PojoRawTypeIdentifier<?> typeIdentifier()
        The identifier of the type to which metadata is being contributed.
      • markAsEntity

        PojoAdditionalMetadataCollectorEntityTypeNode markAsEntity​(String entityName,
                                                                   PojoPathFilterFactory<Set<String>> pathFilterFactory)
        Mark this type as an entity type.

        WARNING: entity types must always be defined upfront without relying on metadata discovery, because Hibernate Search needs to be able to have a complete view of all the possible entity types in order to handle automatic reindexing. Relying on type discovery for entity detection would mean running the risk of one particular entity subtype not being detected (because only its supertype is mentioned in the schema of indexed entities), which could result in incomplete automatic reindexing.

        entityName - The name of this entity type.
        pathFilterFactory - The path filter factory for this entity type, i.e. the object allowing to create path filters that will be used in particular when performing dirty checking during automatic reindexing.
        A PojoAdditionalMetadataCollectorEntityTypeNode, to provide optional metadata about the entity.
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