Class StringSetPojoPathFilter

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    public final class StringSetPojoPathFilter
    extends Object
    implements PojoPathFilter<Set<String>>
    A filter expecting a simple string representation of dirty paths.

    Completely ignores container value extractors.

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      • StringSetPojoPathFilter

        public StringSetPojoPathFilter​(Set<String> acceptedPaths)
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      • test

        public boolean test​(Set<String> paths)
        Description copied from interface: PojoPathFilter
        Determines if any path in the given set of paths of is accepted by this filter.

        This method may be called very often. Implementations should take care to organize their internal data adequately, so that lookups are fast.

        Specified by:
        test in interface PojoPathFilter<Set<String>>
        paths - An object representing a set of paths. Never null.
        true if any path in the given set is accepted by this filter, false otherwise.