Interface IndexDescriptor

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    public interface IndexDescriptor
    A descriptor of an index, exposing in particular the available fields and their characteristics.
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      • hibernateSearchName

        String hibernateSearchName()
        The name that uniquely identifies this index within the backend. This is the Hibernate Search name; the name of the index on the filesystem or in Elasticsearch may be different (lowercased, with a suffix, ...). See the reference documentation of your backend for more information.
      • field

        Optional<IndexFieldDescriptor> field​(String absolutePath)
        Get a field by its path.

        This method can find static fields as well as dynamic fields, unlike staticFields().

        absolutePath - An absolute, dot-separated path.
        The corresponding field, or Optional.empty() if no field exists with this path.
      • staticFields

        Collection<IndexFieldDescriptor> staticFields()
        Get all statically-defined fields for this index.

        Only statically-defined fields are returned; fields created dynamically through templates are not included in the collection.

        A collection containing all fields.