Class IndexedEmbeddedDefinition

  • public final class IndexedEmbeddedDefinition
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • IndexedEmbeddedDefinition

        public IndexedEmbeddedDefinition​(MappableTypeModel definingTypeModel,
                                         String relativePrefix,
                                         ObjectStructure structure,
                                         Integer includeDepth,
                                         Set<String> includePaths)
        definingTypeModel - The model representing the type on which the indexed-embedded was defined.
        relativePrefix - The prefix to apply to all index fields created in the context of the indexed-embedded.
        structure - The structure of all object fields created as part of the relativePrefix.
        includeDepth - The maximum depth beyond which all created fields will be ignored. null for no limit.
        includePaths - The exhaustive list of paths of fields that are to be included. null for no limit.