Interface ElasticsearchHttpClientConfigurer

public interface ElasticsearchHttpClientConfigurer
An extension point allowing fine tuning of the Apache HTTP Client used by the Elasticsearch integration.

This enables in particular connecting to cloud services that require a particular authentication method, such as request signing on Amazon Web Services.

The ElasticsearchHttpClientConfigurer implementation will be given access to the HTTP client builder on startup.

Note that you don't have to configure the client unless you have specific needs: the default configuration should work just fine for an on-premise Elasticsearch server.

  • Method Details

    • configure

      Configure the HTTP Client.

      This method is called once for every configurer, each time an Elasticsearch client is set up.

      Implementors should take care of only applying configuration if relevant: there may be multiple, conflicting configurers in the path, so implementors should first check (through a configuration property) whether they are needed or not before applying any modification. For example an authentication configurer could decide not to do anything if no username is provided, or if the configuration property my.configurer.enabled is false.

      context - A configuration context giving access to the Apache HTTP client builder and configuration properties in particular.