Interface IndexManager

All Known Subinterfaces:
ElasticsearchIndexManager, LuceneIndexManager

public interface IndexManager
An index manager as viewed by Hibernate Search users.

This interface exposes all operations that Hibernate Search users should be able to execute directly on the index manager, without having to go through mapper-specific APIs.

  • Method Details

    • backend

      Backend backend()
      The backend in which this index manager is defined.
    • descriptor

      IndexDescriptor descriptor()
      A descriptor of this index, exposing in particular a list of field and their characteristics.
    • unwrap

      <T> T unwrap(Class<T> clazz)
      Unwrap the index manager to some implementation-specific type.
      Type Parameters:
      T - The expected type
      clazz - The Class representing the expected type
      The unwrapped index manager.
      SearchException - if the index manager implementation does not support unwrapping to the given class.