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public interface PropertyBinder
A binder from a POJO property to index fields.

This binder takes advantage of provided metadata to pick, configure and create a PropertyBridge.

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    Binds a property to index fields.
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      void bind(PropertyBindingContext context)
      Binds a property to index fields.

      The context passed in parameter provides various information about the property being bound. Implementations are expected to take advantage of that information and to call one of the bridge(...) methods on the context to set the bridge.

      Implementations are also expected to declare dependencies, i.e. the properties that will later be used in the PropertyBridge.write(DocumentElement, Object, PropertyBridgeWriteContext) method, using PropertyBindingContext.dependencies(). Failing that, Hibernate Search will not reindex entities properly when an indexed property is modified.

      context - A context object providing information about the property being bound, and expecting a call to one of its bridge(...) methods.