Interface ShardingStrategyInitializationContext

public interface ShardingStrategyInitializationContext
  • Method Details

    • shardIdentifiers

      void shardIdentifiers(Set<String> shardIdentifiers)
      shardIdentifiers - A comprehensive set of all possible values for shard identifiers, i.e. values that can be returned by ShardingStrategy.toShardIdentifier(String, String) or ShardingStrategy.toShardIdentifiers(Set).
    • disableSharding

      void disableSharding()
      Inform Hibernate Search that sharding is disabled.
    • indexName

      String indexName()
      The name of the index in Hibernate Search.
    • beanResolver

      BeanResolver beanResolver()
      A BeanResolver.
    • configurationPropertySource

      ConfigurationPropertySource configurationPropertySource()
      A configuration property source, appropriately masked so that the factory doesn't need to care about Hibernate Search prefixes (*, etc.). All the properties can be accessed at the root. CAUTION: the property key "type" is reserved for use by the engine.