Interface IndexedEntityBindingMapperContext

public interface IndexedEntityBindingMapperContext
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    • getOrCreatePathTracker

      TreeFilterPathTracker getOrCreatePathTracker(MappingElement mappingElement, TreeFilterDefinition filterDefinition)
      Get the shared path-tracker for a given mapping element involving a TreeFilterDefinition, e.g. an @IndexedEmbedded.

      A single mapping element may lead to multiple "uses": for example an indexed-embedded may be inherited by sub-types of the type defining the indexed-embedded (the "hosting type"), or an indexed-embedded may recurse (directly or indirectly) into the the type defining the indexed-embedded. In such case, each "use" of the indexed-embedded may occur in a different context and thus use different parts of the definition, so we need a single, shared path tracker across all occurrences to gives us a complete view of encountered paths and to allow us to decide whether an includePaths/excludePaths is useful or not.

      mappingElement - A unique representation of the mapping element involving a tree filter; if the same mapping element is applied in multiple places, this method must be called with mapping elements that are equal according to MappingElement.equals(Object)/MappingElement.hashCode().
      filterDefinition - The filter definition passed to the TreeFilterPathTracker upon creation.
      The path tracker for that definition.