Annotation Type ContainerExtraction

@Documented @Target({}) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface ContainerExtraction
A definition of container value extractors to be applied to a property, allowing reference to a specific value of a container property.

For instance, on a property of type Map<EntityA, EntityB>, @ContainerExtraction(@ContainerExtractor(BuiltinContainerExtractors.MAP_KEY)) would point to the map keys (of type EntityA), while @ContainerExtraction(@ContainerExtractor(BuiltinContainerExtractors.MAP_VALUE)) would point to the map values (of type EntityB).

By default, if no attributes are set on this annotation, Hibernate Search will try to apply a set of extractors for common types (Iterable, Collection, Optional, ...) and use the first one that works. To prevent Hibernate Search from applying any extractor, use @ContainerExtraction(extract = ContainerExtract.NO)