Interface PojoAdditionalMetadataCollectorEntityTypeNode

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public interface PojoAdditionalMetadataCollectorEntityTypeNode extends PojoAdditionalMetadataCollector
  • Method Details

    • entityName

      void entityName(String entityName)
      entityName - The name of this entity type.
    • secondaryEntityName

      void secondaryEntityName(String secondaryEntityName)
      secondaryEntityName - A secondary name for this entity type, for instance the "native" Hibernate ORM entity name (generally just the fully qualified class name). Secondary names may conflict with the primary entityName(String). The primary name takes precedence in case of lookup by name.
    • pathDefinitionProvider

      void pathDefinitionProvider(PojoPathDefinitionProvider pathDefinitionProvider)
      pathDefinitionProvider - A provider of path definition for this entity type, i.e. the object supporting the creation of path filters that will be used in particular when performing dirty checking during automatic reindexing.
    • entityIdPropertyName

      void entityIdPropertyName(String propertyName)
      propertyName - The name of a property hosting the entity ID. This ID will be used by default to generate document IDs when no document ID was configured in the mapping.
    • loadingBinder

      void loadingBinder(ParameterizedBeanReference<?> binderRef)
      binderRef - A reference to a binder for loading of entities of this type.
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