Interface PojoIndexingQueueEventProcessingPlan

public interface PojoIndexingQueueEventProcessingPlan
  • Method Details

    • append

      void append(String entityName, String serializedId, PojoIndexingQueueEventPayload payload)
      Appends an event to the plan, received from a PojoIndexingQueueEventSendingPlan.
      entityName - The name of the entity type.
      serializedId - The serialized entity identifier.
      payload - The payload as passed to the sending plan.
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    • executeAndReport

      Writes all pending changes to the index now, and clears the plan so that it can be re-used.
      operationSubmitter - How to handle request to submit operation when the queue is full
      A CompletableFuture that will be completed with an execution report when all the works are complete.
    • toSerializedId

      <I> String toSerializedId(String entityName, I identifier)
      Convert the identifier to its serialized form. The identifier type must be the one used by the entity having name entityName.
      Type Parameters:
      I - The type of the identifier of the entity.
      entityName - The name of the entity.
      identifier - The provided identifier.
      The serialized form of the provided identifier.
    • toIdentifier

      Object toIdentifier(String entityName, String serializedId)
      Convert the serialized id to the original identifier.
      entityName - The name of the entity.
      serializedId - The serialized id.
      The original entity identifier.